ReplayGain Plugin

This plugin adds support for ReplayGain, a technique for normalizing audio playback levels.


Some users have reported problems with the Gstreamer ReplayGain calculation plugin. If you experience segmentation faults or random hangs with this plugin enabled, consider disabling it. (Please file a bug if you can get a gdb traceback for such a segfault or hang.)


This plugin requires GStreamer with the rganalysis plugin (part of gst-plugins-good), gst-python, and the rgain Python module.

First, install GStreamer, its “good” plugins, and the Python bindings if your system doesn’t have them already. (The BPD Plugin and Chromaprint/Acoustid Plugin pages have hints on getting GStreamer stuff installed.) Then install rgain using pip:

$ pip install rgain

Finally, add replaygain to your plugins line in your .beetsconfig, like so:

plugins = replaygain

Usage & Configuration

The plugin will automatically analyze albums and individual tracks as you import them. It writes tags to each file according to the ReplayGain specification; if your player supports these tags, it can use them to do level adjustment.

By default, files that already have ReplayGain tags will not be re-analyzed. If you want to analyze every file on import, you can set the overwrite option for the plugin in your .beetsconfig, like so:

overwrite: yes

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