Gmusic Plugin

The gmusic plugin lets you upload songs to Google Play Music and query songs in your library.


The plugin requires gmusicapi. You can install it using pip:

pip install gmusicapi

Then, you can enable the gmusic plugin in your configuration (see Using Plugins).


Configuration is required before use. Below is an example configuration:

    password: seekrit
    auto: yes
    uploader_id: 00:11:22:33:AA:BB
    device_id: 00112233AABB
    oauth_file: ~/.config/beets/oauth.cred

To upload tracks to Google Play Music, use the gmusic-upload command:

beet gmusic-upload [QUERY]

If you don’t include a query, the plugin will upload your entire collection.

To list your music collection, use the gmusic-songs command:

beet gmusic-songs [-at] [ARGS]

Use the -a option to search by artist and -t to search by track. For example:

beet gmusic-songs -a John Frusciante
beet gmusic-songs -t Black Hole Sun

For a list of all songs in your library, run beet gmusic-songs without any arguments.


To configure the plugin, make a gmusic: section in your configuration file. The available options are:

  • email: Your Google account email address. Default: none.
  • password: Password to your Google account. Required to query songs in your collection. For accounts with 2-step-verification, an app password will need to be generated. An app password for an account without 2-step-verification is not required but is recommended. Default: none.
  • auto: Set to yes to automatically upload new imports to Google Play Music. Default: no
  • uploader_id: Unique id as a MAC address, eg 00:11:22:33:AA:BB. This option should be set before the maximum number of authorized devices is reached. If provided, use the same id for all future runs on this, and other, beets installations as to not reach the maximum number of authorized devices. Default: device’s MAC address.
  • device_id: Unique device ID for authorized devices. It is usually the same as your MAC address with the colons removed, eg 00112233AABB. This option only needs to be set if you receive an InvalidDeviceId exception. Below the exception will be a list of valid device IDs. Default: none.
  • oauth_file: Filepath for oauth credentials file. Default: {user_data_dir}/gmusicapi/oauth.cred

Refer to the Google Play Music Help page for more details on authorized devices.