IHate PluginΒΆ

The ihate plugin allows you to automatically skip things you hate during import or warn you about them. It supports album, artist and genre patterns. There also is a whitelist to avoid skipping bands you still like. There are two groups: warn and skip. The skip group is checked first. Whitelist overrides any other patterns.

To use the plugin, enable it by including ihate in the plugins line of your beets config. Then, add an ihate: section to your configuration file:

    # you will be warned about these suspicious genres/artists (regexps):
    warn_genre: rnb soul power\smetal
    warn_artist: bad\band another\sbad\sband
    warn_album: tribute\sto
    # if you don't like a genre in general, but accept some band playing it,
    # add exceptions here:
    warn_whitelist: hate\sexception
    # never import any of this:
    skip_genre: russian\srock polka
    skip_artist: manowar
    skip_album: christmas
    # but import this:
    skip_whitelist: ''

Note: The plugin will trust your decision in ‘as-is’ mode.

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