Zero Plugin

The zero plugin allows you to null fields in files’ metadata tags. Fields can be nulled unconditionally or conditioned on a pattern match. For example, the plugin can strip useless comments like “ripped by MyGreatRipper.” This plugin only affects files’ tags; the beets database is unchanged.

To use the plugin, enable it by including zero in the plugins line of your configuration file. To configure the plugin, use a zero: section in your configuration file. Set fields to the (whitespace-separated) list of fields to change. You can get the list of available fields by running beet fields. To conditionally filter a field, use field: [regexp, regexp] to specify regular expressions.

For example:

    fields: month day genre comments
    comments: [EAC, LAME, from.+collection, 'ripped by']
    genre: [rnb, 'power metal']

If a custom pattern is not defined for a given field, the field will be nulled unconditionally.

Note that the plugin currently does not zero fields when importing “as-is”.