Bucket Plugin

The bucket plugin groups your files into buckets folders representing ranges. This kind of organization can classify your music by periods of time (e.g,. 1960s, 1970s, etc.), or to divide overwhelmingly large folders into smaller subfolders by grouping albums or artists alphabetically (e.g., A-F, G-M, N-Z).

To use the plugin, enable bucket in your configuration file (see Using Plugins). The plugin provides a template function called %bucket for use in path format expressions:

    default: /%bucket{$year}/%bucket{$artist}/$albumartist-$album-$year

Then, define your ranges in the bucket: section of the config file:

    bucket_alpha: ['A-F', 'G-M', 'N-Z']
    bucket_year:  ['1980s', '1990s', '2000s']

The bucket_year parameter is used for all substitutions occuring on the $year field, while bucket_alpha takes care of textual fields.

The definition of a range is somewhat loose, and multiple formats are allowed:

  • For alpha ranges: the range is defined by the lowest and highest (ASCII-wise) alphanumeric characters in the string you provide. For example, ABCD, A-D, A->D, and [AD] are all equivalent.
  • For year ranges: digits characters are extracted and the two extreme years define the range. For example, 1975-77, 1975,76,77 and 1975-1977 are equivalent. If no upper bound is given, the range is extended to current year (unless a later range is defined). For example, 1975 encompasses all years from 1975 until now.

If you want to group your files into multiple year ranges, you don’t have to enumerate them all in bucket_year parameter but can activate the extrapolate option instead. This option will generate year bucket names by reproducing characteristics of declared buckets:

    bucket_year: ['2000-05']
    extrapolate: true

The above configuration creates five-year ranges for any input year.

If the automatic range of an alpha bucket is not sufficient an overriding regular expression can be used:

   bucket_alpha: ['A - D', 'E - L', 'M - R', 'S - Z']
     'A - D': ^[0-9a-dA-D…äÄ]

The A - D bucket now matches also all artists starting with ä or Ä and 0 to 9 and … (three dots). The other buckets work as ranges (see above).