Key Finder Plugin

The keyfinder plugin uses the KeyFinder program to detect the musical key of track from its audio data and store it in the initial_key field of you database. If enabled, it does so automatically when importing music or through the beet keyfinder [QUERY] command.

There are a couple of configuration options to customize the behavior of the plugin. By default they are:

    bin: KeyFinder
    auto: yes
    overwrite: no
  • bin: The name of the KeyFinder program on your system or a path to the binary. If you installed the KeyFinder GUI on a Mac, for example, you want something like /Applications/
  • auto: If set to yes, the plugin will analyze every file on import. Otherwise, you need to use the beet keyfinder command explicitly.
  • overwrite: If set to no, the import hook and the command will skip any file that already has an initial_key in the database.