Playlist Plugin

playlist is a plugin to use playlists in m3u format.

To use it, enable the playlist plugin in your configuration (see Using Plugins). Then configure your playlists like this:

    auto: no
    relative_to: ~/Music
    playlist_dir: ~/.mpd/playlists

It is possible to query the library based on a playlist by speicifying its absolute path:

$ beet ls playlist:/path/to/someplaylist.m3u

The plugin also supports referencing playlists by name. The playlist is then seached in the playlist_dir and the “.m3u” extension is appended to the name:

$ beet ls playlist:anotherplaylist

The plugin can also update playlists in the playlist directory automatically every time an item is moved or deleted. This can be controlled by the auto configuration option.


To configure the plugin, make a smartplaylist: section in your configuration file. In addition to the playlists described above, the other configuration options are:

  • auto: If this is set to yes, then anytime an item in the library is moved or removed, the plugin will update all playlists in the playlist_dir directory that contain that item to reflect the change. Default: no
  • playlist_dir: Where to read playlist files from. Default: The current working directory (i.e., '.').
  • relative_to: Interpret paths in the playlist files relative to a base directory. Instead of setting it to a fixed path, it is also possible to set it to playlist to use the playlist’s parent directory or to library to use the library directory. Default: library