Subsonic Playlist Plugin#

The subsonicplaylist plugin allows to import playlists from a subsonic server. This is done by retrieving the track info from the subsonic server, searching for them in the beets library, and adding the playlist names to the subsonic_playlist tag of the found items. The content of the tag has the format:

subsonic_playlist: “;first playlist;second playlist;”

To get all items in a playlist use the query ;playlist name;.

Command Line Usage#

To use the subsonicplaylist plugin, enable it in your configuration (see Using Plugins). Then use it by invoking the subsonicplaylist command. Next, configure the plugin to connect to your Subsonic server, like this:

    username: someUser
    password: somePassword

After this you can import your playlists by invoking the subsonicplaylist command.

By default only the tags of the items found for playlists will be updated. This means that, if one imported a playlist, then delete one song from it and imported the playlist again, the deleted song will still have the playlist set in its subsonic_playlist tag. To solve this problem one can use the -d/–delete flag. This resets all subsonic_playlist tag before importing playlists.

Here’s an example configuration with all the available options and their default values:

    base_url: "https://your.subsonic.server"
    delete: no
    playlist_ids: []
    playlist_names: []
    username: ''
    password: ''

The base_url, username, and password options are required.