Substitute Plugin#

The substitute plugin lets you easily substitute values in your templates and path formats. Specifically, it is intended to let you canonicalize names such as artists: For example, perhaps you want albums from The Jimi Hendrix Experience to be sorted into the same folder as solo Hendrix albums.

This plugin is intended as a replacement for the rewrite plugin. While the rewrite plugin modifies the metadata, this plugin does not.

Enable the substitute plugin (see Using Plugins), then make a substitute: section in your config file to contain your rules. Each rule consists of a case-insensitive regular expression pattern, and a replacement value. For example, you might use:


.*jimi hendrix.*: Jimi Hendrix

To apply the substitution, you have to call the function %substitute{} in the paths section. For example:


default: %substitute{$albumartist}/$year - $album%aunique{}/$track - $title