FtInTitle Plugin

The ftintitle plugin automatically moved “featured” artists from the artist field to the title field.

According to MusicBrainz style, featured artists are part of the artist field. That means that, if you tag your music using MusicBrainz, you’ll have tracks in your library like “Tellin’ Me Things” by the artist “Blakroc feat. RZA”. If you prefer to tag this as “Tellin’ Me Things feat. RZA” by “Blakroc”, then this plugin is for you.

To use the plugin, just enable it and run the command:

$ beet ftintitle [QUERY]

The query is optional; if it’s left off, the transformation will be applied to your entire collection.

If you prefer to remove featured artists entirely instead of adding them to the title field, either use the -d flag to the command or set the ftintitle.drop config option.