BPM Plugin#

This bpm plugin lets you to get the tempo (beats per minute) of a song by tapping out the beat on your keyboard.


To use the bpm plugin, first enable it in your configuration (see Using Plugins).

Then, play a song you want to measure in your favorite media player and type:

beet bpm <song>

You’ll be prompted to press Enter three times to the rhythm. This typically allows to determine the BPM within 5% accuracy.

The plugin works best if you wrap it in a script that gets the playing song. for instance, with mpc you can do something like:

beet bpm $(mpc |head -1|tr -d "-")

If import.write is yes, the song’s tags are written to disk.


To configure the plugin, make a bpm: section in your configuration file. The available options are:

  • max_strokes: The maximum number of strokes to accept when tapping out the BPM. Default: 3.

  • overwrite: Overwrite the track’s existing BPM. Default: yes.


This plugin is inspired by a similar feature present in the Banshee media player.