Key Finder Plugin#

The keyfinder plugin uses either the KeyFinder or keyfinder-cli program to detect the musical key of a track from its audio data and store it in the initial_key field of your database. It does so automatically when importing music or through the beet keyfinder [QUERY] command.

To use the keyfinder plugin, enable it in your configuration (see Using Plugins).


To configure the plugin, make a keyfinder: section in your configuration file. The available options are:

  • auto: Analyze every file on import. Otherwise, you need to use the beet keyfinder command explicitly. Default: yes

  • bin: The name of the program use for key analysis. You can use either KeyFinder or keyfinder-cli. If you installed the KeyFinder GUI on a Mac, for example, you want something like /Applications/ If using keyfinder-cli, the binary must be named keyfinder-cli. Default: KeyFinder (i.e., search for the program in your $PATH)..

  • overwrite: Calculate a key even for files that already have an initial_key value. Default: no.