Rewrite Plugin#

The rewrite plugin lets you easily substitute values in your templates and path formats. Specifically, it is intended to let you canonicalize names such as artists: for example, perhaps you want albums from The Jimi Hendrix Experience to be sorted into the same folder as solo Hendrix albums.

To use field rewriting, first enable the rewrite plugin (see Using Plugins). Then, make a rewrite: section in your config file to contain your rewrite rules. Each rule consists of a field name, a regular expression pattern, and a replacement value. Rules are written fieldname regex: replacement. For example, this line implements the Jimi Hendrix example above:

    artist The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Jimi Hendrix

This will make $artist in your templates expand to “Jimi Hendrix” where it would otherwise be “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”.

The pattern is a case-insensitive regular expression. This means you can use ordinary regular expression syntax to match multiple artists. For example, you might use:

    artist .*jimi hendrix.*: Jimi Hendrix

As a convenience, the plugin applies patterns for the artist field to the albumartist field as well. (Otherwise, you would probably want to duplicate every rule for artist and albumartist.)

A word of warning: This plugin theoretically only applies to templates and path formats; it initially does not modify files’ metadata tags or the values tracked by beets’ library database, but since it rewrites all field lookups, it modifies the file’s metadata anyway. See comments in issue #2786.

As an alternative to this plugin the Substitute Plugin could be used.