IHate Plugin#

The ihate plugin allows you to automatically skip things you hate during import or warn you about them. You specify queries (see Queries) and the plugin skips (or warns about) albums or items that match any query.

To use the ihate plugin, enable it in your configuration (see Using Plugins).


To configure the plugin, make an ihate: section in your configuration file. The available options are:

  • skip: Never import items and albums that match a query in this list. Default: [] (empty list).

  • warn: Print a warning message for matches in this list of queries. Default: [].

Here’s an example:

        - artist:rnb
        - genre:soul
        # Only warn about tribute albums in rock genre.
        - genre:rock album:tribute
        - genre::russian\srock
        - genre:polka
        - artist:manowar
        - album:christmas

The plugin trusts your decision in “as-is” imports.