MetaSync Plugin#

This plugin provides the metasync command, which lets you fetch certain metadata from other sources: for example, your favorite audio player.

Currently, the plugin supports synchronizing with the Amarok music player, and with iTunes. It can fetch the rating, score, first-played date, last-played date, play count, and track uid from Amarok.


Enable the metasync plugin in your configuration (see Using Plugins).

To synchronize with Amarok, you’ll need the dbus-python library. There are packages for most major Linux distributions.


To configure the plugin, make a metasync: section in your configuration file. The available options are:

  • source: A list of comma-separated sources to fetch metadata from. Set this to “amarok” or “itunes” to enable synchronization with that player. Default: empty

The follow subsections describe additional configure required for some players.


The path to your iTunes library xml file has to be configured, e.g.:

    source: itunes
        library: ~/Music/iTunes Library.xml

Please note the indentation.


Run beet metasync QUERY to fetch metadata from the configured list of sources.

The command has a few command-line options:

  • To preview the changes that would be made without applying them, use the -p (--pretend) flag.

  • To specify temporary sources to fetch metadata from, use the -s (--source) flag with a comma-separated list of a sources.