Thumbnails Plugin#

The thumbnails plugin creates thumbnails for your album folders with the album cover. This works on file managers such as Nautilus or Thunar, and is therefore POSIX-only.

To use the thumbnails plugin, enable it (see Plugins) as well as the FetchArt Plugin. You’ll need 2 additional python packages: pyxdg and pathlib.

thumbnails needs to resize the covers, and therefore requires either ImageMagick or Pillow.


To configure the plugin, make a thumbnails section in your configuration file. The available options are

  • auto: Whether the thumbnail should be automatically set on import. Default: yes.

  • force: Generate the thumbnail even when there’s one that seems fine (more recent than the cover art). Default: no.

  • dolphin: Generate dolphin-compatible thumbnails. Dolphin (KDE file explorer) does not respect’s standard on thumbnails. This functionality replaces the Freedesktop Plugin Default: no


The thumbnails command provided by this plugin creates a thumbnail for albums that match a query (see Queries).