Hook Plugin#

Internally, beets uses events to tell plugins when something happens. For example, one event fires when the importer finishes processes a song, and another triggers just before the beet command exits. The hook plugin lets you run commands in response to these events.


To configure the plugin, make a hook section in your configuration file. The available options are:

Configuring Each Hook#

Each element under hooks should have these keys:

  • event: The name of the event that will trigger this hook. See the plugin events documentation for a list of possible values.

  • command: The command to run when this hook executes.

Command Substitution#

Commands can access the parameters of events using Python string formatting. Use {name} in your command and the plugin will substitute it with the named value. The name can also refer to a field, as in {album.path}.

You can find a list of all available events and their arguments in the plugin events documentation.

Example Configuration#

    # Output on exit:
    #   beets just exited!
    #   have a nice day!
    - event: cli_exit
      command: echo "beets just exited!"
    - event: cli_exit
      command: echo "have a nice day!"

    # Output on item import:
    #   importing "<file_name_here>"
    # Where <file_name_here> is the item being imported
    - event: item_imported
      command: echo "importing \"{item.path}\""

    # Output on write:
    #   writing to "<file_name_here>"
    # Where <file_name_here> is the file being written to
    - event: write
      command: echo "writing to {path}"