KodiUpdate Plugin#

The kodiupdate plugin lets you automatically update Kodi’s music library whenever you change your beets library.

To use kodiupdate plugin, enable it in your configuration (see Using Plugins). Then, you’ll want to configure the specifics of your Kodi host. You can do that using a kodi: section in your config.yaml, which looks like this:

    host: localhost
    port: 8080
    user: kodi
    pwd: kodi

To update multiple Kodi instances, specify them as an array:

  - host: x.x.x.x
    port: 8080
    user: kodi
    pwd: kodi
  - host: y.y.y.y
    port: 8081
    user: kodi2
    pwd: kodi2

To use the kodiupdate plugin you need to install the requests library with:

pip install requests

You’ll also need to enable JSON-RPC in Kodi in order the use the plugin. In Kodi’s interface, navigate to System/Settings/Network/Services and choose “Allow control of Kodi via HTTP.”

With that all in place, you’ll see beets send the “update” command to your Kodi host every time you change your beets library.


The available options under the kodi: section are:

  • host: The Kodi host name. Default: localhost

  • port: The Kodi host port. Default: 8080

  • user: The Kodi host user. Default: kodi

  • pwd: The Kodi host password. Default: kodi