ImportAdded Plugin#

The importadded plugin is useful when an existing collection is imported and the time when albums and items were added should be preserved.

To use the importadded plugin, enable it in your configuration (see Using Plugins).


The mtime of files that are imported into the library are assumed to represent the time when the items were originally added.

The item.added field is populated as follows:

  • For singleton items with no album, item.added is set to the item’s file mtime before it was imported.

  • For items that are part of an album, album.added and item.added are set to the oldest mtime of the files in the album before they were imported. The mtime of album directories is ignored.

This plugin can optionally be configured to also preserve mtimes at import using the preserve_mtimes option.

When preserve_write_mtimes option is set, this plugin preserves mtimes after each write to files using the item.added attribute.

File modification times are preserved as follows:

  • For all items:

    • item.mtime is set to the mtime of the file from which the item is imported from.

    • The mtime of the file item.path is set to item.mtime.

Note that there is no album.mtime field in the database and that the mtime of album directories on disk aren’t preserved.


To configure the plugin, make an importadded: section in your configuration file. There are two options available:

  • preserve_mtimes: After importing files, re-set their mtimes to their original value. Default: no.

  • preserve_write_mtimes: After writing files, re-set their mtimes to their original value. Default: no.


This plugin will skip reimported singleton items and reimported albums and all of their items.